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Welcome to Marijuana Healings

The ultimate provider of medical marijuana and related products for all above 21 years of age.  As long as you are dealing with us, be assured that your safety and privacy is guaranteed. All communication and browsing on our site is encrypted via sophisticated methods. Therefore, any information shared with us will never be made available to any third party for any reason whatsoever.

As a gentle reminder, there is a minimum order quantity for each  and every product. This minimum order is STRICTLY applicable. So to avoid wasting your time and ours, we plead with you to adhere to the minimum order for each product especially as any order less than the minimum order WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. The only exceptions are mixed orders( i.e orders containing more than one products). All mixed orders must sum up to a minimum of $300 worth. To place a mixed order, simply quote the desired items in an email and send to sales@marijuanahealings.com for order processing.

The minimum order for any of our marijuana strains is an ounce( oz) which cost $265. We equally offer handsome discounts on bulk marijuana orders. By bulk orders we refer to Quarter pounds(qp), Half pound(hp) and pounds/units(lb). Find prices for bulk orders below;
Quarter pound(qp)....$680
Half Pound (hp) ......$1045
Pound(lbs)       .............$1900

For clients desiring to order qp, hp or lbs simply email the strains/quantity you want alongside your desired delivery address to sales@
marijuanahealings.com​ for order processing.

Marijuana Healings ensures safe and timely delivery of orders. We equally either resend orders or refund payments in case of any unforeseen mishap.
Feel free to contact our very friendly customer service in case of any questions.